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4 Powerful Tips to Increase Website Conversion with Site Search

With American Thanksgiving quickly approaching, retailers across the nation are gearing up for the busiest time of the year – the holiday shopping season.

With holiday eCommerce sales expected to reach $94.71 billion U.S. dollars this year, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of retailers are looking to maximize their online presence by improving their site search.

And now that a majority of consumers – 56.5% of Americans to be exact – are planning on completing all of their holiday shopping online this year, successful site search is now an essential element of every website.

To help eCommerce retailers ensure they are doing everything they can to improve the online shopping experience for their customers, we’ve put together four powerful site search tips that will increase conversion rates and convert more browsers into buyers this holiday shopping season.

Put More Focus on Search Box

The search box is an often overlooked yet incredibly powerful feature of any eCommerce store. A retailer’s site search box is the pathway to improved sales, better user experience, and most importantly, higher conversion rates. Because remember, if your site visitors can’t quickly locate your search box they’ll head to a competitor’s site to complete their purchase, so having an easy to locate search box is key.

Here are two ways to improve your conversions with your search box:

Bold Placement

The first step to having a high-performing search box is to place it in a noticeable, convenient location where your site visitors can easily locate it. The best location is typically in the header of a web page, where it can be free from clutter.

Clean Design 

A search box with a clean design and clear instructions will entice users to perform a search. Take the time to ensure that all search fields (input field and ‘submit’ button) are clearly differentiated and easy to locate. Retailers should also include a recognizable search icon (a magnifying glass tends to work best) to help entice visitors to search.


Search tools like Nextopia’s Autocomplete is a great addition to an eCommerce site as it works by completing a word in the search box while the customer types and provides intuitive, relevant, and error-tolerant search suggestions. Autocomplete can also help detect and correct spelling mistakes, as well as guide consumers to the right product regardless of whatever mistake was made. Retailers can also use autocomplete to promote certain products of higher margin or products they’d like to sell quickly by pushing them to the top of their autocompletion suggestion box as recommendations to shoppers.

Product Recommendations

To maximize sales and conversions, offer shoppers the opportunity to increase their orders while still receiving a good deal. Give customers the shopping experience they crave by including unique product recommendations or a “You Might Like” suggestion. Product recommendations give retailers the opportunity to up-sell higher margin products, increase consumer product discovery, promote popular items, enhance the customer’s purchase experience, and above all, increase conversions.

Include Customized Landing Pages

By reviewing your site search reports and analytics, you’re able to determine what the most commonly searched terms are. Based on this information, you can optimize your site and showcase your top performing items on a customized landing page.  For example, if one of the most frequently searched terms on your site is ‘winter boots’ this would indicate that your customers are specifically looking for boots to wear during the winter. You could then use this information to create a new landing page with all of your winter-appropriate boots, giving you another chance to increase conversions.  

As a retailer, your goal should always be to exceed the wants and needs of your customers and when you only provide your customers with basic site search this goal cannot be achieved.

But when you provide your customers with a more intuitive search and navigation, you’ll not only encounter higher conversion rates, but you’ll also develop a stronger relationship with your customers which will encourage them to come back in the future.

Improving site search is just one way to increase conversions. Another great way is to partner with a digital design agency like Huemor as they specialize in building beautiful websites that improve conversion rates, customer retention, search results, on-page performance, and ultimately converting browsers into buyers.

Contributed By: Nextopia

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