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How to Increase Ecommerce Sales

4 Ways to Increase E-Commerce Sales in 2017

While the busiest shopping season may be over, the new year is the time to roll out your new marketing plan and begin crushing your 2017 sales. Each year tech capabilities grow exponentially. If your e-commerce site isn’t keeping up, you are being left behind, and your competitors will gladly pick up that slack.

Check out 4 traffic and sales boosters to catapult your e-commerce sales in 2017.

Live Content

We’ve heard “content is king” year after year, and that still rings true. But the way audiences consume content is different than just a few years ago, and if your site wants to capture that audience, you’ll need to adjust your approach. Users’ expectations of what content is and how they would like it delivered have evolved. Big brands have harnessed the power and relevance of real time live content to reach their audiences. While written content is here to stay, live content is growing fast and demanding attention.

How to Use Live Content to Increase Traffic & Sales

Share live videos through Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat: It doesn’t have to be a scripted presentation–a quick demo of your product or even a walk through of your office can encourage interest and brand awareness.


  • Viewers can ask questions while the video is rolling. As long as someone is on the other side monitoring, those questions can be answered on the spot.
  • When you launch a live cast on both Facebook and Instagram, all of your followers will be notified, which will provide an immediate boost to engagement.
  • If you feel nervous about your first live cast, do it after hours and gauge interest and activity, then use that data to create more effective, targeted casts.

You can also pitch ideas to influencers for their live content:

One example to learn from is the live content created by Seventeen magazine. Journalists film live as they visit different businesses around New York City, for example:

To land opportunities such as this, spend time listing out and pitching the most relevant outlets in your industry, explaining why they should come to you to produce their live content and how their audience will benefit.

Interactive Content

The purpose of content is to educate, entertain and engage. Interactive content can do all of that. Creating quizzes, games, inspiration boards, customizable product pages, ebooks, and so on will get consumers even more involved, increasing their emotional connection with the brand.

learn how to increase online sales with interactive content in 2017


Interactive content provides important data about your audience, their intent and interests. This data is crucial for future marketing and remarketing. A recent study by Jivox states that personalized digital ads deliver three times the consumer engagement and can even decrease ad spend by one-third. Existing budget can then be utilized in other important areas.


Reviews are one of the most underutilized strategies in marketing. A potential consumer will often scour reviews for an unbiased opinion of your product or service.

How to Get Reviews to Increase E-Commerce Sales

Adding an on-site review platform is convenient for those already on the site. With a simple click, shoppers can read about past experiences with the brand or one of the products. Word of mouth is still a powerful form of marketing and positive recommendations go a long way. Even if it’s not so positive, addressing the comments publicly can ease the minds of others with similar concerns.

Other than convenience and transparency, reviews improve search engine rankings and the brand gains edge on competitors. An on-site platform informs Google of the given reviews and stars and this enhances overall credibility.

Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign is one of the most cost effective ways to reach a captive audience. Data collection has become so intuitive that marketers have the data to form contact lists, curate product offerings and even content that is strategically targeted.

email marketing is one valuable way to increase ecommerce sales

Your email campaign can act as an important vehicle for the interactive content we spoke about earlier. Interactive emails have already proven to be a top performer in marketing campaigns and a recent study shows that brands plan to increase their email marketing budget by 42% in 2017.

How to Make the Most of Email Marketing

  • Set specific goals for every email to determine what is considered success. MailChimp offers a virtually foolproof way to send out emails and track opens, click-through-rates and sales.
  • Mobile-first indexing pushed most sites into mobile friendly/responsive designs in 2016. If you have not already, make sure your site is mobile ready for those who open emails on mobile–which was up to 70%  in 2016, according to emailmonday.com’s mobile email usage study.
  • Track your statistics via your email platform. Values to take notice of include the effectiveness of subject lines and how they correlate with opens, clicks and sales; time of day that the emails are being opened or not and which types of email messages get the least and most unsubscribes. Weed out those who are unengaged to avoid bad sentiment.
  • Ask for consumer-generated content, such as the reviews mentioned above and testimonials to use on the site.

In 2017 brands need to be curious and creative. New technologies, platforms, software, and data is coming at us at breakneck speed–don’t be afraid of that information, use it to your benefit to get the most out of your marketing.


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  1. Dena on February 8, 2017 at 9:01 am

    These are some great strategies! Seems we’re on the same page for the new year. 🙂

    We just put together a similar guide for 2017 with 15 eCommerce marketing strategies merchants can use to grow their businesses.

    I love your tip about interactive content. Seems we missed that one in our list.
    Nice work! 🙂

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