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Tracking Ads & Engagement Via Google Analytics

Facebook has proven itself to be a powerful tool in driving traffic and referrals to your website and its content. While the actual traffic is the most valuable asset of Facebook marketing, the data pulled from those campaigns are just as important. Tracking your Facebook and Adwords campaigns in Google Analytics gauges reaction to your…

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Know an SEO Opportunity When You See One

With all of the recent buzz surrounding Google’s latest Penguin algorithm update, some SEOs might be surprised to find that there were neither large boosts or demotions. Rankings are holding steady since it was written into the algorithm and completely rolled out. If there were noticeable changes, they should be recovered at this point. On…

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Who Does SEO Serve?

Hint: the answer’s right there in the name, Search Engine Optimization. We’re not talking about optimizing the search engines themselves, obviously. We’re trying to optimize content and structure and code to be read by the search engine.

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