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Reeling Back in Holiday Sales With Facebook Retargeting

There’s a reason holiday marketing begins as early as it does, and it’s because of the amount of time it takes to plan, prepare and follow through with a campaign. Being that the holidays seem to fly on by every year, marketers want to make sure they take advantage of it while they can.

During this busy time, it’s possible to hit a few bumps in the road, such as visits that aren’t converting into sales. This is where retargeting comes in handy. In order to receive the greatest return on investment (ROI), potential customers may need a little push in the right direction.

1. Log in to your Facebook Ads Manager and select Audiences


2. Click on Create Audience and select Custom Audiences

For retargeting, Custom Audience will allow you to set up a campaign that reaches people who visited your site, specific pages, or the shopping cart page and did not purchase.


3. Select Website Traffic: Focus on “website traffic” for retargeting.


4. Select your target audience from the dropdown menu that allows you to create your audience.

You have the option of targeting the following:

  • Anyone who visits your website
  • People who visit specific pages
  • People visiting specific web pages but not others
  • People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time
  • Custom combination

5. Install your pixel tracking code and start reaching your already culled target audience and start making money!

*You can continue to benefit from the tracking pixel with lookalike audiences, but that’s another blog post.*


Whatever the reason, consumers will site-hop. It’s up to the savvy marketer to get them to hop back on and make a purchase.

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