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How to Improve Performance on Your eCommerce Site

Three Easy Ways to Improve Performance on Your eCommerce Site

If you run an eCommerce website — regardless of what you sell — your product pages must work well for you to turn your browsers into buyers. While some companies have no problem dishing out the big bucks to improve their site’s performance, we’re here to share that there are a few proven and simple tips that work just as good. These tips will help improve your site performance and boost sales.

Use Excellent Product Images

When a potential customer makes it to your site, typically the first thing they take in is your product photos. Because of this, product photos are a crucial element for the success of an online store. The difference between subpar and professional product photos can easily make or break a potential sale, so it’s important to always use high quality images that are both visually appealing and clearly communicate the details of your product. Make sure to enable zooming, remove product backgrounds, include photos for every product and its varying colors, incorporate multiple views, and to keep things consistent.

Write Powerful Product Descriptions

The key to improving sales is to include powerful product copy that entices visitors to buy or try. They must be descriptive, detailed and just as inspirational as the product images. They should also answer the most common questions people might have when purchasing.

Include Powerful Site Search

Help your customers find exactly what they’re looking for by including a fast, accurate site search with adaptive product suggestions. Nextopia’s site search with autocomplete is proven to increase both conversions and sales for online retailers, average order value, visitor engagement, and customer satisfaction and reduce bounce rate.

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